Rx Compounding


Get personalized medications for your unique needs

If you need customization of your medications, our compounding pharmacists at Medic Pharmacy can take care of it for you. Our pharmacists can personalize your medication to the exact strength and dosage form that is best for you. If you don't like the taste or can't swallow pills, we can help.

Let us change your dosage form from a pill to a pleasant-tasting liquid. Come see us today to learn more.




Trouble with bad-tasting medicine?



If you have difficulty swallowing pills, need a different dose than the manufacturer's supplies, or your medication has an unpleasant taste, our compounding pharmacists may be able to help. You can change the flavor of your liquid medication to a variety of flavors.




Do you have allergies? No problem!



If a manufacturer discontinues a product, Medic Pharmacy can often compound it for you so that you don’t need to switch medications. If you have an allergy to an ingredient found in your medications, we can help with that, too. Most often, we can compound your medication and leave out the ingredient causing the allergy. The common ingredients we work around are lactose, preservatives, dyes, gluten, and sugar.



Incredible service that is personalized for you!



Medic Pharmacy can compound some medications into a topical form such as a cream, lotion, or gel. This method allows the medication to work locally or to be absorbed through the skin. When you absorb medication through the skin, you bypass the stomach and can avoid certain side effects. Talk to our compound pharmacists today to see how we can help you.